Welcome to BeeHaven Beverage We make Mead.. the ancestor of all fermented beverages

Welcome to BeeHaven Beverage

Mead is made with honey and may be flavored with fruit or spices. Our small-batch flavorful meads are hand made with the finest natural ingredients, sparkling with a touch of sweetness, unfiltered and gluten-free with no added sulfites.

Served chilled, on ice, or in the Old European tradition--warmed and served as a toddy. And BeeHaven mead is low in alcohol making it very drinkable and refreshing--use it to create your own personal cocktail!

You can find our meads in some of Seattle's best restaurants, pubs and retail stores, and in other locations through these distributors:

  • Seattle Area: Ambrosia Wine
  • Northwest Washington State: Dickerson Distributing
  • Southwest Washington State: Kendall's Pioneer Distributing
  • California: CNS Imports
  • Arizona: Silesia Brands

Locate a retailer near you or conveniently order online!

We hope you will enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it.... Wassail!