5 Fun Facts About Viking Drinking Horns

Apr 23, 2022 | 0 comments

The Vikings were indeed prolific drinkers of mead, and they loved imbibing from their drinking horns, often obtained from a bull’s horn. There are numerous depictions throughout antiquity showing Vikings and their beloved drinking horns, and in the process of celebrating a feast or holiday. 

Since you probably don’t think about Vikings, mead, and drinking horns every day, here are some fun facts that you probably weren’t aware of, that can make drinking Beehaven mead so much more enjoyable!

Mead was considered divine 

Going back to Norse mythology, mead was considered a sacred beverage. The god Odin supposedly stole the Mead of Inspiration and then escaped by flying on an eagle’s back. Forever after, mead was considered to be divine, and was reserved for the use of the gods, or for those who were divinely inspired to write poetry.

Mead was always offered to fallen warriors 

Warriors who fought bravely in battle were given mead to drink as they either recovered or expired. Dying warriors were escorted to Valhalla, where they joined the Einherjar. There was an endless supply of mead served from the teats of a magic goat, known as the Heidrun.

Drinking mead from a Viking horn connects you with antiquity 

It has become such a time-honored tradition, that drinking mead from a modern Viking horn is considered to be an event that connects you with the ancients. It also joins you to the spirit of Odin, and infuses you with the same ancient Viking energy and spirit.

Family heirlooms 

Many Viking horns were lavishly decorated, and bore the inscriptions of various families of Vikings. After a specific horn had been in a family for a while, it often became important for its ceremonial significance, or as a symbol of the family’s prestige. Many of the inscriptions found on Viking horns describe the family owners, which individuals they were passed on to, and include some kind of symbol representing the family.

Old as their civilizations 

Research has shown that Viking horns are at least 2,600 years old, which means they were prominent very early in Viking culture. In addition, they came to take on extreme significance, since they were in use at nearly every festival and celebration, and quite a few ordinary situations as well. Other cultures besides the Vikings made extensive use of drinking horns, but they became outrageously popular among the Vikings.

Where to purchase meads 

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All of our meads are lovingly made with the utmost care and attention, so you’ll be happy with any flavor you choose. As you’re enjoying your Beehaven Beverage mead, raise your drinking vessel of choice to the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of the old Viking civilization, which popularized mead-drinking and drinking horns.