Our Mead Varieties

Year-Round and Seasonal

Our hand-crafted flavorful meads are made with the finest honey and all natural ingredients, sparkling with a touch of sweetness.



Grapefruit with other citrus peels, pineapple and lemongrass gives an exotic twist with great aroma.

Adds a bright complexity to both savory and sweet dishes.

Very refreshing!

Available: Summer ~ Early Fall

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Luscious strawberry and creamy vanilla with the floral scent of lavender on the nose.

Plays well off baked dishes or a tarte. Delicious with a cheese plate.

Available: Late Spring ~ Summer

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Metheglin style. Spicy peppercorns, a prickle of cloves, and of course a blast of cinnamon to awaken the taste buds. Vanilla adds a smooth finish.

Wonderful when gently heated on a cold night.

Available: Mid-Winter ~ Mid-Summer

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Melomel style, a year-round favorite. Deliciously smooth.

Ours is gently blended with bits of peach, complemented by a floral bouquet of chamomile and saffron petals.

Try our peach mead with a scoop of vanilla ice cream as a decadent dessert. Also pairs nicely with poultry and pork.

Available: Year Round

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Ground cocoa nibs lend a touch of chocolate flavor and three types of peppers leave a subtle bite. Fresh habanero pepper is also thrown in after fermentation just to give that extra kick.. oils from the pepper linger.

Available: Late Fall ~ Winter

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A classic. Enjoy chilled with a sliver of lemon or gently heated with a cinnamon stick in the cooler months. A very versatile mead.

We use fresh juiced ginger which gives it some bite and add the lovely aroma of crushed coriander.

Available: Year Round

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Our most popular seasonal!

Pumpkin pieces, ginger, cinnamon, mace and toasted rice and other warming fall spice flavors make this a must when the Autumn chill sets in!

Available: Fall

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Our Cranberry mead is bursting with tart cranberry flavor, but still soft and fruity. Orange zest and apple are added to give layered complexity.

Perfect in place of a champagne toast at the holidays or mixed into a festive cocktail. Perfect accompaniment to your Thanksgiving feast!

Available: Late Fall ~ Early Winter

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Juicy watermelon with the seeds thrown in as well, lime lends a nice big zesty bite, then basil is added for an herbal kick!

A great summer option.

Available: Summer

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