Labor of Love

BeeHaven was born from a passion to create a very drinkable, lightly effervescent, low alcohol mead, perfect for a casual setting drinking with friends or toasting to a special occasion.

Proudly woman- owned and operated since 2012. With a passion in nutrition and learning about the incredible health benefits of honey, and mead being one of my favorite alcoholic beverages I decided to embark on brewing it myself, after countless and tireless attempts making test batches brewed in a small apartment kitchen, I created a recipe that is light, crisp and delicous that I believe  everyone can enjoy.

Gently flavored with fruits and flowers, this is a very versatile beverage that can be served in many different ways, mixed in cocktails, heated gently as a mulled wine or simply enjoyed chilled. 

I hope you enjoy drinking BeeHaven Mead as much as I enjoyed creating it.


History of Mead

The Drink of the Gods

Mead is an alcoholic beverage that is claimed to be the oldest fermented beverages ever. Ranging from 3% up to 15% abv and up, there are many variations of this ancient drink. There are still meads and sparkling meads as well and fruit, spice and a whole range of other flavoring that can be infused into it. Mead has been enjoyed for centuries from nearly every corner of the world.

Gunlodd offering Odin the Mead of Poetry- Public Domain

Anthropologists believe that that mead was possibly first produced around 8000 BC, with beer and wine not too far behind. Some historians believe that mead might likely had been accidentally discovered by a passerby who drank rainfall collected in a hive that had been naturally fermenting. Also the theory that paleolithic hunters filled their water skins with honey partially drained from a beehive, and later, self-perpetuating fermentation resulted. Reusing the skin would have created a resident yeast culture most likely, it’s quite plausible that the sack would have been jammed with fruits such as grapes, figs, apples and even grains eventually. Ancient styles of mead were most likely high alcohol and more concentrated.

There are many versatile styles and variations of modern day mead, from sparkling styles to still mead.