Honey-Based Mead Health Benefits and Antibiotic Resistance

Jun 11, 2022 | 0 comments

You might be surprised to learn that there are several health benefits associated with
honey-based mead, in addition to the fact that it has such great flavor appeal. This is a
notion that runs counter to what we’ve all learned about any kind of alcohol, because
honey-based mead actually delivers the goods on quite a few fronts.

In fact, honey has been found to contain practically every nutrient humans need to
survive, and it has long been known for its usefulness in easing sore throats and nasty
coughs. Raw honey contains more than 180 different substances such as antioxidants,
enzymes, minerals, and vitamins, and honey-based mead inherits all those same

Meads from Beehaven Beverage

While mead may have been the preferred drink of the Vikings, Mayans, Egyptians, and
other groups, it hasn’t retained the same broad popularity in modern society. This is
unfortunate, given the potential health benefits, but there are still places like Beehaven
Beverage where fine meads can be obtained.

Beehaven offers a variety of mead flavors, including peach, cranberry, watermelon,
lavender berry, pumpkin spice, and ginger coriander. You’ll definitely find one that
suits your fancy and that you can make your favorite among all the natural flavors
offered. In addition, Beehaven meads are carried by many of the finest food and
grocery shops around the country, including Whole Foods, Central Co-Op, and Harbor

Curbing Antibiotic Resistance

Back in 2014, scientists discovered that using honey and the lactic acid found in honey
bees’ stomachs was very successful in treating horses’ wounds that had otherwise
resisted treatment. Research carried out by these scientists found that the combination
of honey and lactic acid bacteria was capable of killing off all human pathogens they
were tested against.

Current research is aimed at discovering how the same combination can be used to
cure infections in humans, and to ward off all kinds of diseases that might resist
antibiotic treatment. If results continue to bear out the success of original outcomes, it
is very possible that mead could then be used in a number of different ways to cure
human ailments.

It now appears likely that mead would have been the most efficient form of antibiotic
used in ancient civilizations, so that it provided some impressive health benefits in
addition to being a great party-time beverage. This is because anyone consuming the
mead would transfer all the beneficial lactic acid from honey bees’ stomachs to their
own circulation system, and that would deliver the same kind of infection-fighting
capability to the consumer. This is still true today, although some meads are produced
by a process that kills off much of this beneficial bacteria prior to reaching the final

Mead – The Healthy Alcohol?

If any kind of alcohol can be considered healthy, it would be mead, especially honey-
based mead. The tremendous benefits delivered by honey have been much under-
valued to this point, but scientific research is showing that there is much more to honey
than just a sweet, sugary taste.

So, when you’re preparing for your next party or dinner meeting, be sure to pick up a
few bottles of honey-based mead, and have a drink to the good health of your guests.