Top 5 Kinds of Honey for Delicious Mead Production

Mar 20, 2022 | 0 comments

If you’ve never had a taste of mead, you’re missing out on a real taste experience, and you should definitely take the time to try some. Once you’ve become a true mead-lover, you’ll develop your own favorites which appeal the most to you. 

Since mead is made by fermenting a mix of honey and water, the mead should start out with the very best honey available. Here are some of the best kinds of honey to use in producing mead. 

Local Honey

Almost any really tasty local honey will end up producing an excellent mead. In fact, the more different and unique the local variety of honey is, the more likely it is that it will produce a mead no one has ever tasted before. 

A number of prominent mead producers were polled recently about which varieties of mead they prefer to use in their beverage, and the landslide winning choice was local honey. There’s a lot to be said for the freshness of local ingredients, and that translates very well into the final product.

Orange Blossom Honey

Many manufacturers of high-quality mead prefer to use orange blossom honey because it imparts a refreshing citrus flavor to the mead. It’s also a great base product which can be experimented with endlessly by adding some distinct subtle flavors to it. Orange Blossom honey is a good reliable choice for mead production, so you really can’t go wrong if this is the type of mead you produce your mead with. 

Whenever you hear about a particular named variety of honey, it will almost always get its name from the type of flowers which bees typically collect their nectar from. Keep in mind that this is never an exclusive process, because bees will pollinate many different types of flowers. The named aspect of the honey comes from the fact that it is the predominant flower pollinated by the bees.

Dark Honey

Dark honey is typically harvested in the fall, sourced from flowers which bloom at this particular time of year. When you use dark honey to make mead, it generally produces a dark brown-colored mead or somewhat of a golden-colored mead. If you’re looking for nutrition from your mead, those which are made with dark honey generally provide a lot more nutrition than lighter-colored mead will.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is an excellent choice for making mead, because it’s totally unpasteurized, which means the honey has not been heated in any way. This allows the delicate flavor to remain intact, because it hasn’t been destroyed by any kind of heating process. Raw honey also will retain its nutrients, so it’s often used by allergy sufferers to achieve relief from irritation.

Clover Honey

Many producers of mead like to use clover honey in their products because clover is so readily available. Clover honey is usually available in huge quantities and has a fairly consistent flavor, achieved by blending with a number of different sources. Even though it’s one of the most common types of honey available, clover honey is still very popular and used widely in the production of great-tasting meads.

Meads Online 

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